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Pain Points:

Nothing makes my blood boil like the “justification” expressed in social media by those on top about today’s inequality. Just to be clear, being successful doesn’t make you a bad person, however, dehumanizing and degrading the value of others is just plain sick. 2020 has been a year of pain, loss and struggle for so many people, and I can’t help but feel all of us, myself included need a reminder we don’t suck just cause a pandemic has damaged or taken way our income.

Especially when we are receiving auto-rejections to our tailored applications/resumes saying… “dear applicant”.

Remembering Our Value:

You might have lost your home, your car, and you might be sitting in lines for hours at a food bank to survive, but you never lost your experience, your skills, or the ability to contribute to society. You are more than your bank account, clothing brand, or gym membership. Those things are external sense of value, and it is in times like these you have to dig in/hold onto internal value.

My Strategy:

I have experienced low points in my life before, and one of the strategies I adopted was every time I learned a skill, I would paint a stone. It was a tangible way to remember all of my accomplishments and give them physical weight.

The second strategy in case you don’t feel skilled with paint or pen is the “I love myself binder”, perfect for the skills I am currently studying in Digital Marketing, Cyber Security, and Machine Learning to help increase my capability. Essentially, print off each certificate you earn from your continued education, and fill your binder just like you used to do with baseball or Pokemon cards.

This will help you during all the times you spend mentally bashing yourself the next time you see “Dear Applicant” in your inbox.

A picture of some of the stones I had painted several years back, when doing different work. Most of them now would say something like Unity C# Developer or have C# written on it.

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