Small Businesses I Have Built:

asdf – 100% customized Self Defense
100% customized Self Defense

I specialize in teaching:

  • Victims of Violent Crimes, Sexual Assault, and Abuse.
  • Women concerned for their general safety.
  • Teens going to college & traveling abroad. – Digital Brand Development
Digital Brand Development

For Small Businesses I Offer:

  • Branding Planning & Graphic Design
  • Local SEO & Social Media Strategy
  • Digital Content Dev & Planning

Businesses In Development: – Workshops & Online Training
Workshops & Online Training

For Business & Government I offer:

  • Conflict Resolution & Emotional Intelligence
  • Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
  • Core Value Development & more… – Games That Teach
Games That Teach

For Gamers I Offer:

  • Gameplay focusing on non-combat mechanics
  • Learning that doesn’t feel like work or school
  • Skills that improve quality of life – Build Your Own World
Build Your Own World

Coming Soon:

  • Learn to build game ready 2D Pixel & 3D Voxel Assets
  • Animate & Rig your voxel characters/animals.
  • Implement your voxel assets into Unity 3D. – Urban Survival Skills
Urban Survival Skills

For Survivalist I Offer Training In:

  • Risk Mitigation during Civil Unrest
  • Cold/Hot/Hazardous Environments
  • Health & Wellness during Disaster
Box of Polygons (Inactive)

My work as a 3D artist has been used by over 100,000+ virtual world content creators, online game developers, and mobile app designers across the globe. Selling digital content via micro-transactions.

Simultaneously I completed contracts & subcontracts for clients ranging from private individuals to major organizations such as Department of Defense, University of Venice, Memorial & St. Leo’s University, DeMolay International, and companies such as El Paso Corporation and Pearson Learning Company. My 2D/3D Portfolio