Cody, after teaching a painting class for a senior citizens center.

“I have talked a stabbing suspect into handcuffs, trained over 1600 students in life-saving skills, and believe almost anyone can develop skills that improve outcomes in high-risk interactions.”  – Cody

Public Speaking & Presentations:

  • 2016 – Active Shooter Presentation @ El Paso County OEM – CERT Training
  • 2016 – Active Shooter Presentation @ Colorado College
  • 2017 – Active Shooter Presentation @ Palmer Ridge High School – CERT Training
  • 2017 – Self Defense & Active Shooter Training @ Young & Williams
  • 2019 – Officer Safety & Negotiation Workshop @ TI Probation Services
  • 2019 – Guest Speaker @ Confident Queens ( Women’s Empowerment )
  • 2020 – Teen Women’s Self Defense Workshop @ Coronado High School

Notable Service & Achievements:

2018 & 2019 – Authorized Service Provider of Self Defense Training via 4th Judicial Court (Colorado) to those who are victims of violent crimes and receive victims compensation.

2019 – Authorized provider of training for the Bureau of Justice Assistance National Training and Technical Assistance Center (BJA-NTTAC) 

2020 – Approved for WIOA (Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act) Funding to offer online training in conflict resolution to underskilled, disadvantaged, and underemployed individuals seeking training in the Pikes Peak Region.

2020 – Defense Education was approved as a member of OSAC ( Overseas Security Advisory Council ) through the U.S. Department of State. Information provided through this partnership helps ensure the Abduction Prevention & Escape curriculum is relevant and current to regarding evolving global threats that impact travelers abroad.

Experience in Safety & Training: 

A Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Physical Security Measures and is trained in Special Program Security Certification (SPSC) to the level of SPSC2 through Center of Development of Security Excellence (CDSE), Cody has also held a Basic Pistol Instructor Certification through the NRA. His focus emphasizes Conflict Resolution, Stress Management Strategies, and Emotional Intelligence Development.

He has over 74 certificates of training from credible agencies such as the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Department of Defense (DoD), Defense Security Services (DSS), and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), providing him with knowledge in counterintelligence (CI), Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Physical Security Measures, Facility Vulnerability Assessment, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, Counter-Terrorism and Workplace Violence.

Cody also has certifications as an instructor through the American Red Cross in First Aid/CPR/AED, Basic Life Saver (BLS), and Emergency Medical Response (EMR).

Cody specializes in the modified application of military concepts, social skills, and leadership training, focused on improving the safety, security, and quality of life of the trainee. These concepts emphasize body language training, stress reduction, problem-solving, mental toughness, misdirection, and other techniques to accomplish goals in unusually challenging and stressful environments.

His primary focus is to increase public safety within the community by offering both specialized and customized training, providing techniques simple enough for untrained civilians to use effectively. The desired outcoming being a significant increase in safety through risk mitigation and improved quality of life by establishing a lower level of unresolved conflict in their day-to-day social interactions.

Experience in Virtual Worlds: 

In 2004 Cody began delving into virtual worlds and online platforms as a content creator, first creating a chat room on DeviantArt known as #Illustrationshare, which had over 3,000 members who shared various hand-drawn artworks created mostly by amateur artists interested in art as a career. In that same year, he founded a gaming guild known as the “Lenian Knights” a roleplay guild focused around storytelling on forums that were designed to mimic virtual spaces. The group had success and grew to around 12,000 members in 2005 before tapering off quickly later in the same year as the group’s infrastructure couldn’t support the member count.

Attempting to resolve this issue Cody stumbled upon the virtual world of Second Life, he had hoped to create a 3D version of the same community, utilizing his growing skills in-game asset development he began doing contracts for Universities by 2006. In 2007 he had created over 300 items in an art style known as Steampunk through is a virtual store known as [OMFG]. The brand experienced success until the implementation of “sculpties” on the SL platform which then rendered the previous primitive block builds obsolete. In 2009, he founded F.E. Energy, Life, and Dust as three separate brands focusing on sculpt kits, which allowed other content creators to texture pre-built 3D models for creating their own assets. By 2012 the products by all three brands had been used by over 100,000+ content creators and were seen on nearly every sim on the platform.

From 2007-2012 he had worked on projects from several universities including University of Virginia & University of Venice, private companies and even the U.S. Government. He built a digital memorial in 2007 for the victims of the Virginia Tech shooting, had work featured in the Second Life birthday event known as SLB in both 07, 08, and had his 3D art sim “Black Mirror” listed as a Featured destination by Linden labs in 2011. His work was also featured by several small fashion and virtual world blogs during this time.

In total by 2012 Cody had successfully achieved the following:

– Developed over 750 virtual assets
– Built & Managed 5 different successful virtual store brands
– Produced Content on These Platforms: Second Life, Cloud Party, Unity 3D, Unreal Engine 4, Sansar, Blue Mars, and OpenGrid.
– Creation of over $250k worth of original IP from 2005-2012.

From 2012 – 2015 he intermittently work on contract basis for companies on educational training simulators, as his focused shifted back towards security contracting as well as working for private correctional facilities before starting Defense Education in 2015.