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Cody Rauh

Leader / Speaker / Educator

I believe in Leading with Vulnerability.

I have talked a stabbing suspect into handcuffs, trained over 1600 students in life-saving skills, and believe almost anyone can develop skills that improve outcomes in high-risk interactions.

I also believe how we interact is the root cause of unresolved world crisis.

How We Interact Matters – We Can Help 30 Million by 2030


Unite the Nation & the World towards humanizing each other.

Pick nearly any topic today and you can find two people divided either about what the problem is itself or the solution for it. Imagine a world where our actions reflected kindness, empathy, and seeing the value in each other. That building each other up and working together on a plan was more important than deciding on which plan was perfect.

Nearly any problem that exists is either related to or dependent on how we interact and treat each other. By reaching 30 million peoples with the perspective, training, and resources, we can teach people how to engage in cooperative action vs. destructive conflict, even if they have disagreements.

I’m an optimist that believes we can learn, we all have potential, and that we all have value to offer each other.

A Simple 5° Shift Towards Progress on Violence / Health / Climate


Humanizing Each Other by Finding our Similarities

I really enjoy sharing the perspective and experiences that have allowed me to overcome conflict in my life. True safety isn’t about being the biggest guy in the room, it is about everyone finding a way to work well together. Learning the skills to communicate different values and beliefs without physical conflict.

It is my hope that you will share my passion for this approach to working on some of the nation’s largest problems!

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Stronger United than Divided!

I can’t reach 30 million people alone! I need people willing to join, support, participate, encourage, and help others find me if what I offer can be of value. No man is an island and safety is about community! If social impact and culture change wasn’t necessary there would be no need to build a community or try to reach 30 million people. It is my hope that your participation in this growing community brings something of value into your life.

An online community dedicated to helping organize an effort to positively impact 30 million lives in 10 years!

Our Success depends on our ability to connect!

It would be impossible to reach 30 million people without YOUR help! You could help change the world!

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